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How the AAOIFI’s Decision on Gold May Change the Game for this Market?

May the gold standard come back through digital channels? It could be. But what is more interesting is that no one imagined it that way.

Goldcorp: Things You Need to Know About the Biggest Gold Producer

We are always thinking about the majesty in gold, that yellow metal that we all desire in one presentation or another. But few thoughts go

Growth in Ethiopian Gold Production

At the mere mention of Ethiopia, most people would start thinking or imagining a country that has been stricken with famine as most do not

January 11, 2017 Global Gold Company News

Quick Profit? Maybe with Mining Stocks If You Hurry

Every time gold and related metals perform positively, mining stocks receive their winning share. So far, most metal commodities are giving really good impressions and

The Gold Industry [May 2016 Updates]

According to a research by BMI the world gold mining platform is on the verge of experiencing extensive consolidation and divestment and it is highly

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