Gold & Silver Markets scholarship program is run by a team of experienced professionals working for us. We steer our venture as a study group consisting of a herd of students. Operating as a non-institutional group of concerned people, we work hard based on Austrian school beliefs and make sure all our supporters get the best from us. Economics is the main genre of our interest and through regular meetings at the remarkable Jagiellonian University in Kraków, we strive to meet the all-inclusive requirements of our peers. Austrian School Economics is the common interest of all our followers and we leave no stone unturned to quench their thirst of knowledge.

Also, we endeavour to put out an end number of study topics in the form of short articles and cover all the requisite areas including core beliefs, olden times, the impact of such beliefs and many more.

Eligibility criteria for the students-

  • Students having a basic know-how about economics and pursuing an authorised stream of study can apply for the scholarship.
  • Students, irrespective of their religion as well as nationality, can apply for it.
  • GPA should not be below 2.5

Scholarship amount

Our main aim behind giving scholarships ($500 per head) to students lies in motivating them to their particular field of interest. We not only encourage them to meet their goals, but also make sure they adhere to their chief motif as well as objectives.

Details regarding the application-

  • The applicants should submit relevant essays (1000+ words) pertaining to our site and impress us. The article will be reviewed in terms of depth and relevancy.
  • The applicants should explain the causes as like why they are interest in getting the scholarship.
  • Last but not the least; an applicant has to showcase acceptance letter from their university or college.
  • Students are requested to email their entries as well as queries to brodowski.a [at]


The applicants can apply on or before 1st July 2018, the result of which will be declared by 15th of the same month.

Terms & conditions-

  • We reserve every right to accept and decline an applicant for the scholarship.
  • After evaluating all the submissions meticulously, we will contact only the winners and will not be answerable to any of the contestants.
  • The terms of the scholarship can be altered at any time by our respective professionals and no notice will be given for the same.
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