Silver in relation to humanity goes back to almost 7000 years. Silver is employed for a variety of reasons, from being a trade factor to being an asset security; it has been an element that has been with humankind ever since the advent of the Iron Age. Silver is considered an easy to manage metal. Silver was converted into coins to be able to exchange it for goods. What is more is that Silver became tangible money. Tangible money means actual cash money, money that has kept its intrinsic value since it was ‘designated’ as a trade tool. Silver for goods or Silver for other precious metals was a sort of barter trade that was used in commerce before the invention of the paper currency.

Until this day Silver is still the form of tangible assets that people convert money to secure their assets during unstable political or economical instability. More than once Silver has been the sole factor in barren land turning into huge cities. For ages, Silver was riding shotgun to other precious metals as a means of money exchange. Money for Silver after the invention of paper money was the most viable terms of trade. Silver traders and other precious metals traders started to work together and became one; eventually these traders became smiths of a guild. Silver smiths were also Silver smiths and those who traded or did commerce with other precious metals were caught up in the trade of Silver.

From being used in jewellery to computer circuitry not forgetting pure silver bars and silver bullion, silver just like gold has not lost its intrinsic value from the time it was considered tangible money. Silver is also used to give gold a different appearance is cosmetic jewellery. Silver is also use in surgery as again, much like gold silver does not react to create complications with silver implants and the other uses of this precious metal in the medical industry.

Two American cities named after silver were silver city and Silverado when the discovery of silver deposits in the area caused a massive silver rush that transformed these two cities to what they are today. Another peculiar fact about silver than should never be forgotten is that silver is still believed to be able to kill werewolves throughout the superstitious realm. As the old popular adage goes “silver is as what silver does”.