It does not matter what anybody states regardless of whom they may be or what position they roll around in, the future of finance will not sway away from the intrinsic value of gold.

As a matter of fact bullion in the form of coins are the best representations of gold’s ‘pure’ despite the ‘slight extra’ that they place on it as a premium and among the more popular coins is the Krugerrand, Maple Leaf, Chinese Panda, the British Sovereign and the  American Eagle. Purchasing gold bullion in any form basically is critical towards ensuring that your purchasing power in the future will be secured and the chances of you losing your current purchasing power will be reduced significantly.

As long as you are willing to accept the fact that buying gold bullion is a long term investment process based on the fact that these gold coins will be sold to you at a retail price and when the time comes when you do decide to part with your bullion you will parting with it at the wholesaler’s price. Therefore to see anything resembling profit or returns you must have the resilience to keep your bullion until the time is right for you to ‘harvest the profits’, and as most wise investors think, bullion is best kept until retirement is around the corner.

The logic underpinning buying bullion is to look upon them as defensive assets that shield us from economic downturns and rising inflation instead of looking at them as speculative assets, based on the fact that when the value of paper money falls, the value of precious metals typically rise and this has been a proven correlation that can be seen until this present day.

If you are among those who wonder about the right time to buy gold, the answer is plain and simple, ‘anytime is a good time to buy gold or any other precious metals’, however, buying precious metals during times when economic conditions are stable is the most effective time to buy gold and most other precious metals due to their lower value because the moment that the gold market starts becoming bullish and speculations become the ‘order of the day’ prices usually go through the roof which actually makes bullish precious metals markets the perfect time to sell gold bullion.