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Gold Standard Economics

Warren Buffett’s Confusing Stance On Gold

You would think that billionaires buy gold because it is such a good financial hedge. One world-famous billionaire who has been called “The Oracle Of

What Crude Oil Says About Gold Prices

What does the slump in crude oil so to the price of gold? Generally, the price of a barrel of oil reflects the state of

Turkish financial institutions dip into gold in the wake of the Lira’s demise

When investors put their money in something they are almost always looking for an asset that appreciates more and fast. So if you invested in

Slump In China’s Gold Mining Production: How Did We Get Here?

China’s gold mining industry is the largest in the world. The country overtook South Africa as the largest producer of gold in 2007 and it

Perth Mint Sees Surge in December Gold and Silver Sales

The demand for gold has been particularly high during December. The demand was especially high in rural India thanks to high crop prices. According to

gold mine in australia

Miners In Australia Bracing Themselves For Gold Royalty Hike And Payroll Tax

This Month, the Western Australian Premier, Mark McGowan announced a plan to increase the state levies and royalty payments on gold mines by 1.25% –

Australian Gold

Brisbane, many like most different urban communities in Australia is in somehow identified with gold. All things considered, Australia was based on gold, after gold

Gold Futures versus Physical Bullion

If a straight forward question was put forward regarding whether physical bullion is the best form of saving in comparison to gold futures, the straight

Economic Future: Gold Bullion

For the most part of human history gold as well as silver has been as money and even after the advent of the 20th century gold was

Gold and Standard Economics

There are in general 3 specific reasons as to why investors turn to gold as investments ever since President Nixon decided to exit America out

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