Economic Future: Gold Bullion

For the most part of human history gold as well as silver has been as money and even after the advent of the 20th century gold was


Federal Reserve Vice President’s Comment Boosted the Gold Price

The positive numbers of the United States reports about its economy helped the US Dollar to grow the last couple of months. Every trader was

September 28, 2015 Gold Markets, World Economy

Has Gold Failed as Safe Haven for Investors?

The fact is gold isn’t becoming the safe haven investment that it used to be, this is a growing belief to experts and analysts. Instead

August 20, 2015 Gold Markets, World Economy

Gold and Standard Economics

There are in general 3 specific reasons as to why investors turn to gold as investments ever since President Nixon decided to exit America out


Germany’s Gold – Missing in Action?

Ever wondered why gold is always well preserved even after centuries, gold as currency found popular appeal not only due to it’s rarity, but also

July 08, 2015 Gold Markets

Max Keiser explains the basis behind the term ‘vaporwealth’ and the true value of gold in today’s economy

Max Keiser, investor, financial journalist, gold bull and comedian (not necessarily in that order) discusses the mass delusion of financial security in the age of

June 06, 2015 World Economy

Peter Schiff on Austrian Economics & Global Financial Instability

A great video from Peter Schiff, from EuroPacific Capital and recent founder of Schiff Gold, on the basis of Austrian Economics, predicting financial collapses and


Silver Lustre

Silver in relation to humanity goes back to almost 7000 years. Silver is employed for a variety of reasons, from being a trade factor to

June 04, 2015 Silver Markets

The Purchasing Power of Gold

What you are able to obtain with what you have is termed as ‘purchasing power’ it represents the amount of goods and services you can

June 04, 2015 Gold Markets
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